Sunday, September 8, 2013



He drove that 18 wheeler down I95 with the
sweetness of dark chocolate (silky smooth)
she road with him whenever she could
their friendship was progressing nicely
as it should
she even had a handle name (sugarbear one)
they laughed, shared stories as they drove off
into the sun

sometimes in the quietness of the cab
she thought about HIM leaving a wound
with a scab
she was trying to move forward with Ben a
nice guy
but he was lacking in something she could
not explain or even wanted to try
Whatever she was feeling had to exit stage right
because Ben, was honest, nice and polite

99 botles of beer on the wall was the current
he sensed something was wrong, so he
created intervention (the drinking game)
pulling over to a rest stop for some food
and a drink
what was wrong with her he wondered and
began to think
she was in the lady's room when her cell
started to ring
the number she recognized and mixed emotions
it did bring
Hello-- was all she said
It was HIM- dont say a word, I just thought
you'd like to know, glad you didnt change
your number, is what he had to say
just wanted you also to know
Aunt Sara passed away earlier today
(rememba Aunt Sara- from part 2)
I'll send the service info, once the arrangements
are made--bye.....
All she could do was stare at her phone, blankly----

ESP ain't no joke, after all this time, she still
could sense when something was wrong with him---
Does this mean they are going to be seeing each other?

STAY TUNED-- it ain't over...... Registered & Protected 
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