Thursday, July 25, 2013



She lived 600 miles, on witchita road, way out in the country
4 brothers and a dog, right next door to paw paw an them
only see her in the summertime, she was a fun lovin kinda girl
she quickly became my friend and a new lovesong began
you see I got pictures of my own, fun lovin summer fun:

(he reminisced)----

Ingrid with a chocolate face, smashed in a bowl of ice cream
Ingrid and a butterfly, with a flower in her hair
ingrid and dog smiling for the camera, what a silly pair
Ingrid walking in the rain, hair and clothes soaked
dripping wet
Ingrid in a sexy pose, on the hood of a car
it was her brother's car, a black and orange corvette
Ingrid in some cut off shorts, a halter top to match
whenever she would dress like this, the air in my
throat would catch (leave me speechless)

One summer day, I was 15, she showed up on the back porch
with a picnic basket, dressed in a
long sleeveless 36 button down dress, naked as a jaybird underneath
(unbeknownst to me at time)
we walked a long country road, in the sun, past the lake
to a opening in a field of lillies
I knew something was up, after we set up are picnic
I fed her grapes and then she sucked on my finger (seductively)
backup, forgot to mention the thermos which we poured
into plastic cups, the liquid was stronger than water
her lips, my finger, the liquid, the feeling intensified
to the 20th power

I opened those 36 buttons, one by one with my teeth
all I remember after that was:
some hair pullin, some kissin, some tossin, some turnin
some swearin, some tearin up that, some scatchin, some
kissin, she was on top, then I was on top, then we stop
to come up for air and drink from the cup, back at it
some kissin, some touchin, some lovin- we did the
horizontal dance for hours, right before the sun went down
(my first love)

A few days later, Ingrid watched from the window
as we loaded up the car to head back home
everybody was outside saying there goodbyes
paw paw and them, 4 brothers and a dog
next thing I know, Ingrid comes from outta nowhere
we slobbed each other down like a xrated video
and did'nt give a damn who was watchin

I knew one day I was gonna marry that girl
(my first love)
it would be some years before we'd see each other
again but we always kept in touch
so now you know who Ingrid is and fun lovin summer fun
and now I cant wait to tell you about the night I turned 21......... Registered & Protected 
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