Saturday, July 13, 2013

Music is Therapeutic

This one was inspired by me having to upload my music collection back on ITUNES after that bad thing that happened to me, I started at the beginning of June I just completely finished a few days ago. I take my music seriously :)

As a child I grew up with music in the house, mostly Jazz, R & B and the radio. So I guess that's when it all started and I will say I do like all genres. I still have all my albums and cassettes (which I still play every now and then).

You know when that song comes on the radio or that video comes on tv and you bite your bottom lip and start bobbing your head, making unexplainable faces and you need complete silence, because that's your jam and you just completely zone out.

True story, a few weeks ago I was in this store and at the time I was the only customer, when Benny and the Jets came on, well needless to say I was having a moment, the man behind the cash register told me I was welcome to stay and listen till the song went off, so I did. Next thing I know he's breaking it down to me and his co-worker---you were probably a little girl when this song came out, back in 1970 something, it was on the album ----, I seen him sing it live, man that was something to see. The man's face lit up (guess he was having a moment to) I walked out of the store with a smile on my face and feeling good.

Another time this song came on the radio, Treat her like a lady by the Temptations, I called a friend up and said listen---next thing I know we are cracking up laughing because we shared a memory of a crazy night of hanging out back in the day, I believe somebody fell :)

Or what about when you hear a song and it makes you think of someone who's no longer with us, all you can do is smile and cherish the memory.

In the process of uploading my music, why did I stop and listen to Brian Mcknight's - Anytime, he said Do I ever cross your mind- by the end of the song I was ready to book a flight and pay someone a visit (don't ask - still trying to figure out, what that's all about).

When I got to the T's, I stopped and listened to LOVE TKO - by Teddy P, this song helped me threw a really bad breakup many moons ago, after playing it about 20 times and a whole bottle of wine, he had me convinced Let it go, so I did, good looking out no regrets here. I can actually smile at that memory.

When I got to the Jazz, I just had to let it play real loud, something about that saxaphone get's me everytime.

Honorable mention, the Clark Sisters- You brought the Sunshine - even before they start singing, the beat, you know it's about to go down, next thing you know your singing Never was a Problem, I'm a witness, he'll make a difference in your life, to me they were the first (Mary, Mary)

I've done some of my best thinking listening to music---no matter what the situation, there's a song out there that applies. So today, whether your traveling, working, chillin or whatever you do, listen to some music it will make your day! P.S. Christopher Reeves is still superman to me------
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