Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A LOVE SONG (The Very Beginning)

(Yes, they know each other)

She wrote this man a love song, pouring out her heart
with trembling fingers and a million n one thoughts
she even used the "L word" which wasnt easy to do
for fear of a busted up heart, leaving it black and blue
she wrote about the future and possibly becoming his wife
scratched it out and changed it up and wrote about her life
she wrote about the good times and all the fun they had
she wrote about how the good times definately outweighted the bad
she wrote about being best friends, then she thought this can never be
they did kindergarten time together and now their both 23
she handed him the lovesong and was ready to runaway
he said, wait, where are you going, I need for you to stay
so she stood there frozen in time, one eye closed and a raised eyebrow
he read the words straight-faced, then smiled and just said WOW!

So what do you think was the outcome?
In today's world the word WOW has so many different meanings?
Do you think this is the response she was looking for?
Have you ever had a WOW moment, where your expectations were a different outcome?

Sometimes you can come at a person thinking your on the same page, only to find
out, for whatever reason, there page is written totally different. Then again
maybe they ended up together, forever, riding off into the sunset........... Registered & Protected

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