Wednesday, July 31, 2013





ME and my boys , all 6 of us got together
the night I turned 21
we went to THE BEAUTY booty club
we was loud, we was wild, we had drinks, we got drunk
we had fun (in that smoke filled room)

Next, coming to the stage, I introduce to you
as her music played, she came out wearing a
drill sargent hat a knee length army green raincoat
loooonnng ass legs and a fat ass to match
she strutted her stuff like nobody's business
when she dropped that raincoat to reveal
a camouflage bra and a camouflage thong
I got hard as wood and my drunk went out the window
and I knew I had to have her, I knew I had to have her
I talked to someone, who talked to someone,
who talked to someone, arrangements were made
important people were paid, we met after club
closing round back

Her real name was Mary Major, she was about to
graduate nursing school stripping helped her achieve this
we did our thing for a year and a half after that first kiss
it wasnt love, it was complicated, I could'nt even explain it
all I know, we had a real good thing and I didnt want to quit
she achieved her goals, I achieved my goals and everything
was great
it didnt matter to her that Ingrid had my heart and that's
the part I hate

On the intercom: call on line 1, it's Mary - my secretary said
hey u, what's up I answered after I hit the button that was red
sorry to bother you at work she said, but my check didnt come yet
I need a few things do you think you can give a loan
sure no problem, I said, I'll drop it off later--- while I'm there
can I make you scream and moan
she laughed, said yeah, I got some new lingerie-light blue satin and silk
and on your way over here can you stop at the store and get the baby some milk......

SAY WHAT? a baby (yes a son-named Jake- cute as a button)
stay tuned...It ain't over Registered & Protected 

Thursday, July 25, 2013



She lived 600 miles, on witchita road, way out in the country
4 brothers and a dog, right next door to paw paw an them
only see her in the summertime, she was a fun lovin kinda girl
she quickly became my friend and a new lovesong began
you see I got pictures of my own, fun lovin summer fun:

(he reminisced)----

Ingrid with a chocolate face, smashed in a bowl of ice cream
Ingrid and a butterfly, with a flower in her hair
ingrid and dog smiling for the camera, what a silly pair
Ingrid walking in the rain, hair and clothes soaked
dripping wet
Ingrid in a sexy pose, on the hood of a car
it was her brother's car, a black and orange corvette
Ingrid in some cut off shorts, a halter top to match
whenever she would dress like this, the air in my
throat would catch (leave me speechless)

One summer day, I was 15, she showed up on the back porch
with a picnic basket, dressed in a
long sleeveless 36 button down dress, naked as a jaybird underneath
(unbeknownst to me at time)
we walked a long country road, in the sun, past the lake
to a opening in a field of lillies
I knew something was up, after we set up are picnic
I fed her grapes and then she sucked on my finger (seductively)
backup, forgot to mention the thermos which we poured
into plastic cups, the liquid was stronger than water
her lips, my finger, the liquid, the feeling intensified
to the 20th power

I opened those 36 buttons, one by one with my teeth
all I remember after that was:
some hair pullin, some kissin, some tossin, some turnin
some swearin, some tearin up that, some scatchin, some
kissin, she was on top, then I was on top, then we stop
to come up for air and drink from the cup, back at it
some kissin, some touchin, some lovin- we did the
horizontal dance for hours, right before the sun went down
(my first love)

A few days later, Ingrid watched from the window
as we loaded up the car to head back home
everybody was outside saying there goodbyes
paw paw and them, 4 brothers and a dog
next thing I know, Ingrid comes from outta nowhere
we slobbed each other down like a xrated video
and did'nt give a damn who was watchin

I knew one day I was gonna marry that girl
(my first love)
it would be some years before we'd see each other
again but we always kept in touch
so now you know who Ingrid is and fun lovin summer fun
and now I cant wait to tell you about the night I turned 21......... Registered & Protected 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Usually when you hear the word deep end it makes you think of a pool of water possibly with a diving board which is where the deep end is located. How many times as a child have you heard someone say "Don't go near the deep end" or "Stay away from the deep end" or "Don't get to close to the deep end". Even if you are a swimmer the deep end can be dangerous. But, even after you've been warned about the deep end, what do you do, jump off the diving board or go down that water slide anyway, it's just something about the thrill of it, you hit that water and you go down, down, down knowing your feet won't touch the bottom. It is only after you come back up and reality sinks in you realize your in the deep end and for some panick sets in. It's like riding a rollercoaster, you slowly creep up that big hill and when you reach the top, no matter how much you think your prepared, when you go flying down it you scream your head off (at least I do) and that's after you've already stood in that long line with the rest of the thrill seekers.

So what does it mean when you hear someone's gone off the deep end (crazy, irrational, carried away)---wow, after reading the definition I guess it's safe to say I've gone off the deep end a time or two. It seems weird that I was just talking about thrills, rollercoasters and swimming pools to find crazy, irrational and carried away are all associated with the deep end. When you say carried away, does it make you think of the men in white coats coming to lock you up in a white padded room with a straight jacket on.

Now that I think about it have'nt we all at some point or other done something (crazy), acted (irrational) in a situation or know of a time you've gotten (carried away) with something ---- after writing about it the deep end does'nt seem so bad. Actually, I wrote this about a week ago, when I was sitting around thinking about something to write about, I guess I could have gone deeper into it, but it was just a mere thought written out loud. Thanks for reading and the next time you hear someone say "Don't go near the deep end" maybe you'll think that would DEEP END on the situation........ Registered & Protected 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013



WTF he mean he's marrying Ingrid in Vegas, how can this be
this lovesong was suppose to be about him and me (you see)

at the age of 3 - we kissed (closed lipped)
at the age of 5 - we lost are 2 front teeth at the same time
at the age of 10 - we cry'd at a fish furneral when his goldfish died
at the age of 13 - we ate my first cooked lunch (grilled cheese and tomatoe soup)
at the age of 15 - we tried our first smoke, almost died from laughing so hard
when you choked on the smoke that got caught in your throat

during all this there was (Sunday School, Bible study, Vacation bible school
and summer camp) best friends

at the age of 16 - we both learned how to drive, you had your old rusty truck
a bright yellow beatle bug was mine

at the age of 17 - we were busy studying for the college exam, talking careers
and making future plans

at the age of 18 - we went to the prom, I still have the pictures and my pretty
pink dress

A few weeks later we graduated, are parents were so proud
it was the beginning of a beautiful night


it was also the night of that terrible fight

Now that I think about it, he was keeping Ingrid a secret from me
a lovesong gone wrong, a out of tune lover was he to be
tight lipped and closed mouth, the greatest secret he ever kept hid
leaving me with this one little question, WHO THE HELL IS THIS INGRID? Registered & Protected 

Sunday, July 21, 2013



He ran his fingers thru his hair and said:
Man, how come I never knew about your feelings
I had'nt a clue until today
I'm seriously shocked, stunned and completely blown away
I mean really we never entertained the thought of crossing
that invisible frienship line
we've never kissed as grown-ups and now your telling me
your idea of me and you is nowhere close to mine
your my homie, my buddy and a really special friend
this is a joke right, I'm being punked...ok I give up,you win
her face told it all: no joke,I'm dead serious, I'm not playin
the tears welled up in her eyes, can you feel what I'm sayin

She said:
so the dinners, the pictures, vacations that we took
the dances, the movies, we even shared are very first book (Dr.Seuss, of course)
and I bet you dont even remember are very first fight
we got so mad at each other, ok lets forget about that night
O remember the time your aunt Sara fell and her wig came off
it was wrong, but we laughed anyway
O and what about the time we left Sparkey in the car with a bucket of chicken
he left no crumbs, ate all the chicken, BONES AND ALL--(lol)
O and remember that day we, STOP IT- HE YELLED, I see what your doing
lets get back to the present and talk about this song
yes, some great times and memories because we've known each other for so long
and I love you back in a special kinda way
But you see, I'm getting married to Ingrid, in Vegas
we're leaving today------

BAM!!!!!--bet you did'nt see that coming (oooo it ain't over)
to be continued Registered & Protected 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


If I googled you, what would I see
on dislay, wide open
what would you share, pictures from years past
or perhaps your current achievements
or maybe nothing a big question mark
mind your business that's for me to know

If I googled you, would it be nothing but distruths
glasshouses and fancy cars hanging with the wanna-bee's
BE CAREFUL: Glass crashes when it's smashed
and fancy cars re-poed

If I googled you, I dont wanna see
my pictures
my words
my thoughts, all stolen by some hacking thief
good grief, my disbelief-- because it happened to me! Registered & Protected 

This one was inspired by (
she has alot of great and useful info about protecting your
your writings of art......

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A LOVE SONG (The Very Beginning)

(Yes, they know each other)

She wrote this man a love song, pouring out her heart
with trembling fingers and a million n one thoughts
she even used the "L word" which wasnt easy to do
for fear of a busted up heart, leaving it black and blue
she wrote about the future and possibly becoming his wife
scratched it out and changed it up and wrote about her life
she wrote about the good times and all the fun they had
she wrote about how the good times definately outweighted the bad
she wrote about being best friends, then she thought this can never be
they did kindergarten time together and now their both 23
she handed him the lovesong and was ready to runaway
he said, wait, where are you going, I need for you to stay
so she stood there frozen in time, one eye closed and a raised eyebrow
he read the words straight-faced, then smiled and just said WOW!

So what do you think was the outcome?
In today's world the word WOW has so many different meanings?
Do you think this is the response she was looking for?
Have you ever had a WOW moment, where your expectations were a different outcome?

Sometimes you can come at a person thinking your on the same page, only to find
out, for whatever reason, there page is written totally different. Then again
maybe they ended up together, forever, riding off into the sunset........... Registered & Protected

Sunday, July 14, 2013


N MY NEIGHBORHOOD: When the doorbell rings, it's not a black kid or a white kid on the other side of the door, it's just a kid. The kids hang out, go places and have sleepovers. As a parent, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to know that a kid is dead and the shooter is set free. Yes violence happens everyday all around the world, but still when something like this happens how are you suppose to feel?
As I read some of these post, I'll be the troublemaker and say (sometimes people have a tendency to say the most insensative things at the wrong time) people are hurting, dissapointed, confused, upset, --------(fill in the blank) and downright afraid for there children, please think before you speak. Your tired of hearing about it, you dont want to talk about it, it's because of this kinda attitude we are in the state we are in. They say it all starts at home, I had a conversation with mine and hugged him a little extra longer. I pray that none of us ever have to experience this type of senselessness, because in the blink of an eye your life could be changed forever.
If your a praying person, please pray for me and I'll do the same for you ---they say everything happens for a reason, I sure need some understanding, because this surely makes no sense...

(Rest easy Travon-The verdict was not guilty, but God know's the truth)......)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Music is Therapeutic

This one was inspired by me having to upload my music collection back on ITUNES after that bad thing that happened to me, I started at the beginning of June I just completely finished a few days ago. I take my music seriously :)

As a child I grew up with music in the house, mostly Jazz, R & B and the radio. So I guess that's when it all started and I will say I do like all genres. I still have all my albums and cassettes (which I still play every now and then).

You know when that song comes on the radio or that video comes on tv and you bite your bottom lip and start bobbing your head, making unexplainable faces and you need complete silence, because that's your jam and you just completely zone out.

True story, a few weeks ago I was in this store and at the time I was the only customer, when Benny and the Jets came on, well needless to say I was having a moment, the man behind the cash register told me I was welcome to stay and listen till the song went off, so I did. Next thing I know he's breaking it down to me and his co-worker---you were probably a little girl when this song came out, back in 1970 something, it was on the album ----, I seen him sing it live, man that was something to see. The man's face lit up (guess he was having a moment to) I walked out of the store with a smile on my face and feeling good.

Another time this song came on the radio, Treat her like a lady by the Temptations, I called a friend up and said listen---next thing I know we are cracking up laughing because we shared a memory of a crazy night of hanging out back in the day, I believe somebody fell :)

Or what about when you hear a song and it makes you think of someone who's no longer with us, all you can do is smile and cherish the memory.

In the process of uploading my music, why did I stop and listen to Brian Mcknight's - Anytime, he said Do I ever cross your mind- by the end of the song I was ready to book a flight and pay someone a visit (don't ask - still trying to figure out, what that's all about).

When I got to the T's, I stopped and listened to LOVE TKO - by Teddy P, this song helped me threw a really bad breakup many moons ago, after playing it about 20 times and a whole bottle of wine, he had me convinced Let it go, so I did, good looking out no regrets here. I can actually smile at that memory.

When I got to the Jazz, I just had to let it play real loud, something about that saxaphone get's me everytime.

Honorable mention, the Clark Sisters- You brought the Sunshine - even before they start singing, the beat, you know it's about to go down, next thing you know your singing Never was a Problem, I'm a witness, he'll make a difference in your life, to me they were the first (Mary, Mary)

I've done some of my best thinking listening to music---no matter what the situation, there's a song out there that applies. So today, whether your traveling, working, chillin or whatever you do, listen to some music it will make your day! P.S. Christopher Reeves is still superman to me------

Friday, July 12, 2013


She hosed him down like a dirty car on a sunny day
stumbled on that wedding band you were trying to hide
7 months of time she gave you, why
offering champagne dreams on a dollar tree lie
she never was given the option because you perpetrated a fraud
Damn, life is hard enough then to have to deal with this
There are alot of Mary Jane's in the world
some settle for the sake of being alone
nothing never just happens, really
not passing judgement, but how and why are the questions

As a society is this acceptable behavior
kudos to the good guys that don't misbehave
that stay in their lane and don't stray away
Not one to tell you, what's wrong or what's right
but I was always told: What's done in the dark,
eventually comes to the light----