Sunday, July 21, 2013



He ran his fingers thru his hair and said:
Man, how come I never knew about your feelings
I had'nt a clue until today
I'm seriously shocked, stunned and completely blown away
I mean really we never entertained the thought of crossing
that invisible frienship line
we've never kissed as grown-ups and now your telling me
your idea of me and you is nowhere close to mine
your my homie, my buddy and a really special friend
this is a joke right, I'm being punked...ok I give up,you win
her face told it all: no joke,I'm dead serious, I'm not playin
the tears welled up in her eyes, can you feel what I'm sayin

She said:
so the dinners, the pictures, vacations that we took
the dances, the movies, we even shared are very first book (Dr.Seuss, of course)
and I bet you dont even remember are very first fight
we got so mad at each other, ok lets forget about that night
O remember the time your aunt Sara fell and her wig came off
it was wrong, but we laughed anyway
O and what about the time we left Sparkey in the car with a bucket of chicken
he left no crumbs, ate all the chicken, BONES AND ALL--(lol)
O and remember that day we, STOP IT- HE YELLED, I see what your doing
lets get back to the present and talk about this song
yes, some great times and memories because we've known each other for so long
and I love you back in a special kinda way
But you see, I'm getting married to Ingrid, in Vegas
we're leaving today------

BAM!!!!!--bet you did'nt see that coming (oooo it ain't over)
to be continued Registered & Protected 
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