Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Usually when you hear the word deep end it makes you think of a pool of water possibly with a diving board which is where the deep end is located. How many times as a child have you heard someone say "Don't go near the deep end" or "Stay away from the deep end" or "Don't get to close to the deep end". Even if you are a swimmer the deep end can be dangerous. But, even after you've been warned about the deep end, what do you do, jump off the diving board or go down that water slide anyway, it's just something about the thrill of it, you hit that water and you go down, down, down knowing your feet won't touch the bottom. It is only after you come back up and reality sinks in you realize your in the deep end and for some panick sets in. It's like riding a rollercoaster, you slowly creep up that big hill and when you reach the top, no matter how much you think your prepared, when you go flying down it you scream your head off (at least I do) and that's after you've already stood in that long line with the rest of the thrill seekers.

So what does it mean when you hear someone's gone off the deep end (crazy, irrational, carried away)---wow, after reading the definition I guess it's safe to say I've gone off the deep end a time or two. It seems weird that I was just talking about thrills, rollercoasters and swimming pools to find crazy, irrational and carried away are all associated with the deep end. When you say carried away, does it make you think of the men in white coats coming to lock you up in a white padded room with a straight jacket on.

Now that I think about it have'nt we all at some point or other done something (crazy), acted (irrational) in a situation or know of a time you've gotten (carried away) with something ---- after writing about it the deep end does'nt seem so bad. Actually, I wrote this about a week ago, when I was sitting around thinking about something to write about, I guess I could have gone deeper into it, but it was just a mere thought written out loud. Thanks for reading and the next time you hear someone say "Don't go near the deep end" maybe you'll think that would DEEP END on the situation........ Registered & Protected 
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