Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pull Ya: Dress Down & Pants Up/it aint sexy, it aint cute---- (The night Cinderella got punked)....

First off let me start by saying these are my thoughts and opinions and in no way do I mean to be a hater....

Recently a really good friend and I went to a birthday party, it was an older crowd, the music was on point and people were dancing and having a good time this was before 12 o'clock a.m. After some drinks, dancing and socializing we decided to get adventurous and go somewhere else.

Well we get to our next destination (mind you, it's still before 12 o'clock a.m.)and at first everything was cool, even recognized some familiar faces from my partying days. So we get a really good table and we're having a pretty good time.


The crowd changed, the music changed and I knew no one. The place turned into a fashion show of flesh,I remember thinking where's the rest of here dress? Don't get me wrong some of the young ladies looked cute in there little short dresses with matching stilletoes BUT theres always a butt. Everyone can't wear everything and who let you out the house looking like that? I remember not long ago whenever I was leaving the house to hangout with friends my dad would always say "BE A LADY, ACT LIKE YOU GOT SOME CLASS ABOUT YOURSELF" those words always stayed in my head. Another thing I noticed was nobody was dancing, the girls were to busy standing around pulling (down/at) there dresses. What, I can remember dancing all night and never sitting down, because the DJ knew how to spin those records and it was a party for real.....

I saw a pearson with light bright RED braids down to there butt and I immediately thought, I wonder where she works. Ok, I guess I probably just needed to go home because I started thinking. Wow, times have changed, even the air was different and the way some of these people were dressed it's no wonder they get called the b word and hoes. I saw enough butt cheeks to last me a lifetime just from people walking past the table. Oh man, what am I gonna do if my son comes home with one of these hot tamales in the very near future?

And I got another question, besides going to church or a special event--does anybody where dress shoes anymore? I saw a young man with pink hightop sneakers and a matching pink shirt (it takes a confident man to wear pink).
I remember when the brother's would get dressed (dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes)loooking good and smellin good to hangout on a Friday/Saturday night. Now it's jeans and sneakers (wow). Ol skool could teach this generation a thing or two.

Now can we talk for a minute, does anyone remember your not suppose to wear white after Labor Day? Well, I saw Uggs boots with fur and hotpant shorts as one outfit on a hot summer night (really) and I won't even talk about the man with the suit on from Easter 1970 with the matching hat who looked like a misfit in a sea of flesh, he was ol skool on a mission (if you know what I mean) with his slick talkin to them young girls.

Public Announcement: I know Hanes, Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein, Fruit of a Loom to name a few make Boxer underwear I don't want to look at them all night because your just standing there in one space, right in my face (so annoying)--- oh yeah while I'm thinking about it, YO MAH falls on deaf ears with me...YO MAH can I sit my drink here, YO MAH what's your name, YO MAH you married, YO MAH someone sitting here (shaking my head)...

Yes it was a very interesting night, hope you enjoyed my little write----signing off an official oldhead. Registered & Protected 
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