Sunday, August 4, 2013



Nosey Josey told Barbara, who told Charlotte, who told Evelyn, who told Marissa. who told Rachael. who told anybody that would listen......

After the Ingrid fiasco, she survived and progressed on in life
got her masters degree, ran a sucessful business and became a married to
the job kinda wife
Sitting in her office, door open this is what she heard
(they were talking about him)

You know he married a stripper in Vegas, right
no- he married a Vegas stripper and she has a son
no- he married a stipper she has 2 kids and he has a son
nope that's wrong he married a stripper across town
and she left her son in Vegas with her parents
to finish school
Well I heard he married a stripper but she a Lawyer now
no- no he married his sister's stripper friend and she has
a little girl
and so forth and so on (blah, blah, blah)

Her co-worker friend, knocked on the open door and walked in her office
said, I know you hear that mess they talkin but girl I kinow the truth

*** Before he married Ingrid, he met this stripper the night he turned 21
they were together for over a year and a half, they have a son named
Jake (cute as a button), I know all this because Mary is my cousin****

She thanked her friend for the info, closed up shop and quietly exit left
a little shocked, dazed--gut punched in the stomach and really needing air
and she didnt want them catty women looking at her to share, compare or stare

A son she thought to a stripper aint that about a trip
whatever, that's his business, because I refuse to cuss and flip
She headed straight to CORDOVA'S to eat and have a stiff drink
she didnt want to be left alone to sit around and think
she ate, she drank and people watched, she drank and people watched
then went completely still, this song came on (Tonight is the night)
it took her back about 7 years, lost in thought, rememba graduation
REWIND--the night of the horrible FIGHT....

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