Sunday, August 18, 2013



flashback--graduation the night of the horrible fight

Graduation was awesome, after walking the stage
caps were thrown and pictures taken, partytime

A happy occasion, the music was blaring and dancin was going on
the punch got spiked, they danced a slow song and the feel good
felt good

Tonight was especially special because they were going to
do it, you got that--they were going to DO IT

Until--ring, ring he went to the lobby to answer
Hello, hey bey it's me Ingrid, Happy Graduation
surprise, I'm downtown the hotel next door to
the Sheetz gas station
6 floor, room 693 it's about to be a private party
you the bed and me (he said, see you soon)

Look I need to leave he said enjoy the rest of
your night
leave, what you mean I thought it was me and you
sorry but something came up, I got something I need
to go do
your so fulla crap, I'm telling you now, I'm finished
with you if you walk outta here tonight
ok fine he said, I really dont want to fight
but I don't care I dont owe you a thing
it's not like we're married or I gave you
a diamond ring
i'm not obligated to you, nor you 0bligated to me
I must go now, be safe, have fun and live free
(he left)

DEVASTATED --she got drunker than drunk
(woke up in a tub full of jello)


Exscuse me pretty lady, anyone sitting here
do you mind if I buy you a drink
after remembering about that night, she said
sure surprise me, but dont make it a girlie
girl drink--I want it stiff (an 8-ball)
I'm talking about the drink silly, what else
did you think
they drank and laughed, she had made a new friend
His name was Benjamin, but all his friends called
him BIG BEN........

(well, well, well - now what?)
STAY TUNED - IT AIN'T OVER..... Registered & Protected 

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